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The practical training aspect of our courses could at time be inherently dangerous. These courses should only be attended by those that are in a good physical condition. To ensure the health and safety of the participants, please submit the documents in advance.

To reduce the risk associated with this training, we ask that all participants follow the instructions of the Instructors and staff at all times.

If the documents or information provided by delegate is found to be fraudulent or their behavior places themselves or anyone else’s health and safety at risk, they may be removed from the training course. We would like your consideration and understanding that if the delegate is found to be in noncompliance due to the above, the course fees will be nonrefundable and the certificates not issued.


A certificate of completion will be offered to delegate who have completed training (A4 size).

If you would like to have an ID Card, there is a fee of \ 1,000(tax excluded) for issuance.

Please let us know during booking.

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To learn more about Bookings, Changes and Cancellations, please contact us by email, telephone or Fax.


Booking / Payment

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