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Online booking is available from the web link referenced below. Visit the following link to log in. If you log in for the first time, sign up and register for corporate membership.

Download relevant file from the web link as referenced below. Please contact us if any trouble with downloading happens.

Please submit all documents two weeks prior to commencement of the course by the following method after filling them out. Course bookings are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

*Right Click > Save Target As …

 Bill of Health (PDF file) PDF
: Please print and submit original document. (submit by postal service or deliver it in person)

Prerequisites for FOET; Current certification in OPITO BOSIET, TBOSIET, FOET or TFOET (PDF or hard copy)
: Please send by e-mail [], Fax , Postal Service, or deliver it in person before commencement of the course.

The “Statement of Physical Fitness” must be submitted in order to ensure the safe training of all delegates. It may be possible to have a Statement of Physical Fitness issued from a hospital nearby NSTC before the day of training, however it is recommended that it be issued by your local hospital or health provider before leaving for training in order to ensure your participation due to following reasons:-
- You may be at the risk of not being able to attend training due to the result of the certified physician’s examination. Please ensure that you are in a healthy condition for training and the Statement of Physical Fitness is completed before your training at NSTC.
- If your course must be cancelled due to the above mentioned reasons, NSTC reserves the right to apply the appropriate cancellation fee from our cancellation policy. The following penalties may be forfeited to NSTC upon cancellation:
30% of tuition if cancellation is 2 business days prior to commencement of the course.
50% of tuition if cancellation is 1 business day prior to commencement of the course.
100% of tuition if cancellation is on the day of course commencement.

Please inquire first before submitting these documents if you are booking within two weeks of course commencement or if you are unable to submit these documents two weeks prior to commencement of the course.

After acceptance of your application, NSTC will send a “Timetable” and an “Invoice” form by e-mail or by Postal Service one week prior to commencement of the course.

Please inquire for pricing due to the tuition fees varying with the contents of the training. (We customize to your needs.)

Joining Instructions

Please read these instructions carefully before joining the training.

FOET (OPITO)       
HUET (OPITO)       
ADC / ADE       
STCW Basic Safety Training       
GWO Basic Safety Training       

NISSUI-MARINE KAIKAN was established for the use of NSTC training delegates and for the assumed use of company persons is also possible. Please check the NISSUI-MARINE KAIKAN USE.

Contact Information for Bookings, Changes and Cancellations

To learn more about Bookings, Changes and Cancellations, please contact us by email, telephone or Fax.


Booking / Payment

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