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In the UK, roughly 500,000 people are engaged in oil and gas, one of their largest industries. To promote safer working practices and standards within that industry, the UK based OPITO (Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization) was established. UK operation standards and training methods are not only used in the UK’s marine resources industry but also worldwide.

Only facilities that pass OPITO’s audits are authorized to offer certified training under OPITO standardization and its name. Having OPITO certified training raises your possibilities of engaging in business and working within the international offshore industry. Many oil and gas installations will accept only OPITO certification as proof of training. At OPITO certified facilities, the trainers and staff must operate in accordance with internationally and nationally criteria that are set and as to whether the necessary requirements have been fulfilled to OPITO’s standards. As like ISO standards, even after receiving OPITO certification, audits are performed continuously to maintain the quality of training. There are 182 certified OPITO facilities in 45 countries around the world.

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