Facilities Overview

Offshore Survival Training Facilities

Our Offshore Survival Training Facilities is comprised of the Training Facility(TF) and Lifeboat Facility(LF). The Training Facility has essential equipment for Sea Survival training. (i.e. Lifejackets, Life rafts, a Water Entry Diving Platform, HUET etc.)

Offshore Survival Training Facilities

Training Facility’s primary equipment

  • Training Pool (Width 14m x Length 14m x Depth 5m)
  • Life rafts (Marine, Aviation)
  • Water Entry Diving Platform for evacuation training
  • First Aids / CPR / AED, etc.


Life rafts (Marine, Aviation)

First Aids / CPR / AED

Lifeboat Facility’s primary equipment

  • Lifeboat (Davit System)(Bottom left)
  • Lifeboat (Free Fall System)(Bottom right)
  • Fast Rescue Craft, etc.

Lifeboat: Davit System and Free Fall System

Nippon Survival Training Center

Nippon Survival Training Center
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