OPITO approved Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (BOSIET) from 15th to 17th January

The first training in 2014, OPITO approved BOSIET course, has been conducted from 15th to 17th January.  The delegates were all from different companies, they had promoted good friendship during the training.

Here are some photos of the lifeboat training.

Move T-card to “out” position prior to get onboard the lifeboat

Experience the launching of lifeboat


Following comment was forwarded by one of the delegates.


“Although the practical training might contain hazards, I could complete the training safely because of the instructor’s careful backups.  As I felt I would not
like to experience emergency situation throughout the training, I strongly
learned that the prevention of the accidents must be the top priority.  This BOSIET training was very efficient to raise one’s safety awareness.”

From NSTC:  It is said that “New year’s day is the key of the year”.  As you have started up 2014 by BOSIET training, we hope that you’ll have safe and peaceful year throughout.  Please enlighten your colleagues with the safety awareness that you’ve learned here. Thank you very much for joining us.


We appreciate that we were able to start up the year of 2014 with safe and enjoyable training with the delegates. 

NSTC will work hard to update the contents of training and educate ourselves every day.  We ensure that you will be satisfied also with the further training we offer for the one who already completed basic course.  We are looking forward to seeing you for FOET training.

Wishing you all a very good year!   Hope you enjoy our web site throughout this year also!








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