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Hello, everyone! This is Yamahira from the Training section. Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to our new training facility for GWO’s working at heights training.

Previously, our working at heights training facility was tucked away in a corner of our fire training facility in Wakamatsu Ward. But guess what? I’ve heard rumors that an equivalent facility is being built next to our training facility (the one with the pool) in Tobata Ward, so I went to check it out!



So, here’s a sneak peek at the inside of the building, shared exclusively on our website!

The training facility is inside the Nissui Marine Kaikan, so I started by searching for the entrance…

And I found it on the second floor of the Nissui Marine Kaikan!
(According to my research, it’s just a three-minute walk from the NSTC office where we handle registrations – how convenient!)



In the GWO Basic Safety Training (BST), we have two days of working at heights training, which used to require daily taxi rides. Now, without the worry of getting stuck in traffic and starting the training late, it’s a huge relief for us staff!

Back to the tour – after passing through the entrance of the Nissui Marine Kaikan, I saw six ladders on either side of the walls, simulating the inside of a tower!



And right next to the ladders, there’s a waiting area for those who aren’t currently participating in the training!

The first thing that struck me when I entered the training facility was…
“It’s so cool in here…”
The old height training facility was outdoors, meaning we had to train regardless of whether it was hot, cold, raining, or even snowing.
This often caused inconvenience for our participants. But now, with air conditioning, we can offer comfortable training unaffected by the weather!

By the way, as soon as I infiltrated the building, I bumped into the NSTC staff who manage the facility. I asked him, “What’s the best feature of this facility?”
He replied, “Unlike the Wakamatsu facility, this indoor facility allows us to provide training comfortably without worrying about the weather.”

Exploring further, I found lecture rooms and storage for personal protective equipment on the first floor.

On the fourth floor, there’s a room for emergency descent training. This building really has all the necessary facilities for working at heights training!


Once we pass the certification inspection by the GWO accreditation body and get the green light, we plan to start training here immediately (currently scheduled to start in early June).

The facility, filled with the wisdom and expertise of all the staff involved in height safety training, is almost complete! All of us are looking forward to your participation!!

(Training section: Yamahira)



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