OPITO approved Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (BOSIET) from 22nd to 24th April


Spring has come, and it’s getting warmer and warmer day by day.  The beautiful landscape of Wakato Bridge is viewed from our office.  The contrast between bridge’s red, blue sky and ocean green through the window create lovely painting for us.  Delegates from 10 different companies joined OPITO Approved BOSIET training from 22nd to 24th April and successfully completed the training under this beautiful weather of Kitakyushu.



Please let me introduce one of the comments that we’ve received from the delegates.





“As I cannot swim, I was very nervous about HUET training.  I could complete without any fear as the support by instructor and equipments were appropriate.  I think that experience of the training will become big difference between life and death, so I really appreciate the opportunity that I could have the training like this.  The delegates and instructor ratio is so good that I was very comfortable asking questions during the training.  I could understand the best than any other training that I have taken before.  Thank you very much for thorough instruction.”

From NSTC: I also think that experiencing the training like this will be very important to survive in emergency situation, especially for those who are not good at swimming.  According to the OPITO’s standard, maximum number of the delegates is 16, to ensure high quality service.  We try hard to follow the principle to provide the perfect environment and service for the delegates to study comfortably.  Thank you very much for joining us, and see you at FOET training in 4 years.




April 2014
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