NSTC flying to Abu Dhabi

Hi, I am Hiroko, an instructor of NSTC.  I have participated in the Safety Conference in Abu Dhabi on November 3.

OPITO Safety & Competence Conference annually held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, is a conference which the Oil & Gas industry meet together to focus on safety and competency in the industry. 

NSTC’s new COO and I have traveled 10 hours flight to attend the meeting this year.airplane


During a brief break in our conference schedule, we visited Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which was one of the most gorgeous Mosque in the world.


The artistic architecture was just just fantastic and we were drawn to its beauty.  It was a holy place, so Abaya and Candura (religious dress) were supplied for us to enter the building.  We could see the greatness of oil capital by its luxury architecture.  I could experience a lots of unusual things such as camel milk from grocery store, etc.older_woman


There were presentations and addresses by many key persons in the industry, such as CEO of iconic car brands, HSE Deputy Chief Executive, Shell Group Vise-President Safety, etc.  We could learn how we should overcome recent sharp decline in oil price with still with warranty of good safety.  The panel session which is interactive with the audience was heated discussion to be prolonged a bit. clap


Manufacturers, training center and consultancy company exhibits


NSTC also attends the meeting of training provider’s network and IASST (International Association for Safety and Survival Training) meeting and any other global conference which we think as profitable in order to gather information to feedback to our training.

After coming back to the country, what I fight with was jet lag.  I still feel dizzy, if this is because I still suffer jet lag or just laziness, who knows?astonished



November 2015
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