FOET course has been held. Feb. 5th 2015

It is February and cold days continue. However it was fairly warm compare to most of day lately. FOET is renewal course of BOSIET 3day course, and it is summarized and pack into 1day course. Many contents must be covered in one day,sweat_smile and it usually turned into a very busy day, therefore delegates perhaps had no time to feel much coldness.  It has been five years since NSTC had started providing training. Many people who took BOSIET course here at NSTC four years ago are starting to comeback for FOET course to renew their BOSIET certification. As matter of fact, most of delegates today were here for BOSIET four years ago.

Regardless of coldness outside, water in the pool here is set on twenty eight degree and comfortable even in winter. So let us show you some underwater scenes from helicopter underwater escape training today.helicopter

Training to breathe and move underwater with EBSswimmer

Straight down  :  straight down into water, then escape.

Capsize  :  down into water as rotate to upside down, then escapesweat_drops


Here is a comment we received from one of the delegates.

“I had some worries about taking the training (FOET) after four years absence. However I was able to renew my certification without problem thanks to instructors. Thank you very much.”

Great job on the training today after four years absence!  At NSTC we strive to provide safer training and all of us watch over delegate safety especially during practical training.  We are looking forward to seeing you again for another renewal course in four years. Thank you very much.blush



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