OPITO Approved BOSIET course has been held, February 23 to 25

In a season of the three cold days followed by four warm ones (i.e., that is said as a weather pattern and a sign of spring), we had the 2nd BOSIET course in February. It was difficult season to manage physical condition and the training were in different environment than usual (such as in outdoor training ground and swimming pool) using different muscle to experience somehow pleasant (?)

I would like to introduce one scene from the practical training, where the delegates practice to be familiar with EBS (Emergency Breathing System) in HUET of BOSIET.helicopter


When a helicopter is capsized after ditching to the water, EBS is used as the breathing device for emergency use to help breathing during escape from underwater. It enable us to extend breathing time in the water.  The device was unfamiliar for everybody, so practice was in step-by-step.  Commencing from basic usage of the mouthpiece followed by the breathing in the water and then moving in the water while using the device (the photo on right).  Escaping from the helicopter underwater must be big pressure for the delegates, therefore, the training is designed step-by-step so that the delegates can feel secured while training.swimmer


Here is one of the comments from our delegates.



“I was very anxious before joining the training because I was not accustomed to water. But the training including the procedure for the emergency dispelled my uneasiness. It was wonderful experience for me to join the training. I could train with the secured feeling as the instructor placed his firm hand on my shoulder during the training of usage of fire extinguisher.


The training environment is quite different from a usual life, so we are trying our best to produce comfortable and easy atmosphere for the delegates.blush


On a final note, a footstep of spring can be heard a little bit here in NSTC.  Tulip in the flower bed along the parking lot next to the training facility are in buds. We think that the delegates will be welcome by tulip in bloom in the end of next month.  Don’t miss it!!tulip



February 2016
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