July 12th ~14th, OPITO approved BOSIET course has been held.

t is getting more and more like summer lately. How are you doing? Training outside at NSTC can be very hot and hard at times.astonished Staffs must spend long time in very hot weather since we must prepare before the training then clean after therefore we must manage our own health and stay in good shape at all times for delivery of safe training. In this week, OPITO approved BOSIET course, the familiar training course, has been held. 14 people from 9 companies gathered here for the training and all completed the training without any problem.

Let us show you a scene from training which may cool you down since it is so hot.wind_chime


HUET : Helicopter Underwater Escape Training from BOSIET Day 2

The diver is watching over delegates for safety.


Here is one of comments we received.

“It was practical, and what made it easy to understand was that there was additional realistic explanation from instructor which is not in lecture handouts material. I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to all instructor and staffs for watching over our safety throughout training.”

Delegates with various jobs from various companies shared past three days of training and there seemed to have many exchange between them which, we hope, made those days even more meaningful. All of you go back to each job and surely work safe as it is number one priority. However in case of emergency, we hope you remember what learned here in training, so you can stay calm and act accordingly. We are looking forward to seeing you again for renewal course, FOET, before your four year validity of the certificate runs out.



July 2016
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