Nov. 7 ADC, 8 FOET, 9 ADC has been held.

It is already middle of November, and is getting colder and colder lately. We hope the cold weather is treating you alright. Three training courses have been held this week. These were all one day courses and held consecutively, Nov.7th to 9th. Training menu in pool facility is something in common for all those courses.  Let me tell you a little about our pool facility here. Water in the pool stays warm enough as it is during warm seasons, once cold seasons come around, pool water must be heated with a boiler for training and  when it is not used, water surface shall be covered with sheets.hotsprings

We take various counter measures for cold season, so that you can train in acceptably warm, if not comfortable, environment. So please do not let cold season stop you from signing up for training. There is nothing to worry about.swimmer


Here is a scene from ADC on Nov. 9th


Delegates listening to the instructor explaining moves inside a helicopter simulator

Delegates in different training wears, aviation suits, coveralls, wetsuits, own rescue team wear with harness.two_men_holding_hands



Let me introduce you one of the comments from the delegates.


“It has been my first experience in taking training to prepare for such unfortunate occurrence.  The training has made me realize risks regarding activity in field of aviation. I shall make use of the training experience on my work.”


First and foremost priority should be to raise safety awareness to prevent accident from happening at all, however to be prepared for unfortunate occurrence is very important. We hope what learned in training help you act accordingly in emergency. ( from NSTC )


We congratulate all of you for completing training.  Please maintain your knowledge and skill attained here with your regular drills when you go back to your work places.  Looking forward to seeing you again for more training!blush



November 2016
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