Hot Summer has come!!

First of all, I would like to express my sincerest condolences to the victims of Japan Floods (in West Japan) and wish for the earliest possible recovery and restoration of the areas affected.

On July 14 & 15, NSTC offered special training and trial session as special events. Youngsters who will be major players in the next generation enjoyed the training and furthermore, inspired us a lot. Let me introduce these wonderful two days to you.

【July 14】
The Ocean Innovation Consortium works to develop and provide the most effective support to students and young engineering professionals interested in marine development, and offered educational programme including the lecture and site visit concerning the marine development. NSTC offered HUET (Helicopter Underwater Egress Training)helicopter for the programme. The delegates were all university (and grad school) students.

Some of the delegates in the photo taken right before the training seems a bit nervous, but all of them has become confident after the training by a sense of achievement. We were very happy to see the change in their facial expression! smile

I am looking forward to seeing them, as one of the specialist in marine development field, soon in near future. We also must push forward ourselves so that we can progress as they will. triumph

【July 15】Parent-and-Child Sea Survival Trial (as Marine Day Event)
MLIT has set July as “Marine Month” and promoted to plan and host many event related to ocean in order to have the citizen develop an interest in “marine”. NSTC also offered the trial training as one of the events, so that the citizen (from child to adult) can experience the importance “to survive” in situation of water accident and be familiar with ocean. family
11 kids (6 years old – 12 years old) and their parents participated the trial.

Can we survive this trial training!?
Memorial photo wearing lifejackets♪
Let’s pull the sea anchor and verify the function to avoid drifting.

Let’s get on board liferaft!!
There are many survival kit inside the raft.
Okay, everyone on board? Let’s move the liferaft using the paddle!!

Kids commented “I learned that there are many ingenuity to ‘survive’”, “It was very fun and I want to join again next year!”, “I learned a lot and I want to get a prize (for summer vacation assignment).” Usually, NSTC offer training only for adults, so staff had been nervous if kids could enjoy the event or not, but finally we are very happy to read their lovely comments.
As we have suffered many disasters these days, I am happy if they could learn something that enable them to “survive” through this experience.
It’s getting hot and humid as toward mid-summer, preventive methods for heat stroke should be prepared, “to survive”!

(Training Support Section, Ayaka)



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