The most complex OPITO Meeting ever

As a training company we are most of the time deepen in our training and we are facing every day the real training situations with delegates having different professions, backgrounds and abilities. Naturally our experience is increasing bit by bit as the in field reality is pushing as to find a solution for each challenge. And each time we are in front of a new challenge a question is appearing recurrently: “how other centers are managing the same challenge?”

OPITO’s bi annual TPAG* and OSCC** meetings are fulfilling the need of communication with and between the training providers and also the communication with the big players in the industry.

Between November 6th and 8th the wonderfully multicultural mega-city Kuala Lumpur was the host of three OPITO organized international meetings.

At the TPAG Meeting we have discussed some very punctually and detailed subjects about different aspects of our training and how does OPITO Standards can be applied on specific situations. Long after-meeting informal discussions where a very valuable addition.

The OPITO Global conference’s main theme was “Skilled for Safety” and the content was really dense. I can pick a few ideas which I really wish to apply in my day by day activity.

Mr. Jeffrey Skiles the copilot of the US Airways Flight 1549 , known as “the Miracle of Hudson”, the most successful emergency landing in history shared with us the secret of producing a “miracle”. Which is utter preparation in all the existing details, including the most important aspect: crew coordination.

The second insightful idea was provided by a veteran military pilot. He shared the way he perceives the concept of “safety”. Well, according to him, safety is just an empty concept. We can have thousands of “no time loss incidents” on our boards but in the next very second an accident can happen. Safety can exist only in the present moment and can exist only in the environment of a perfect preparation and execution of tasks.

The last day was reserved for the strongest interaction and the most enriching information change. The first edition of the Technical Forum was the moment in which OPITO shared with us very helpful information during three highly interactive workshops. I strongly recommend a participation to the next one.

I will end with a note about the city, Kuala Lumpur. In the actual world there is a lot of conversation and day dreaming about multiculturalism and coexistence. Kuala Lumpur is a dream came true.

(Victor. Training Section)

*Training Providers Advisory Group
**OPITO Safety and Competence Conference



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