NHK’s special feature on offshore wind

NHK Kitakyushu’s TV crew came to NSTC last week to cover the GWO training and it was on air this week. The program was featured on the theme “On-site training and the latest technology for offshore wind power project”, GWO Working at Heights training and GWO Sea Survival training was focused on as “on-site training”.

Off the coast of Kitakyushu, a project is underway to install 25 giant offshore wind turbines in the next year.  Similar offshore wind power projects are currently underway in Chiba, Akita and other prefectures, and the installation and maintenance work for these offshore wind turbines requires special training to ensure safety, as the work is done in special environment at sea and high altitudes.  What kind of training is required and how does those who have joined the training feel about it were covered by NHK.

We would like to thank all the delegates and companies who kindly agreed to be interviewed.sparkles

The number of renewable energy sources will continue to increase.  Behind the scenes, there are various efforts such as the latest technology and training to ensure the safety for installation and maintenance, and each projects is built on the accumulation of these efforts.  This program made me think about such things.

The training that NSTC provide is to be prepared to deal with emergencies.  Of course, the first priority is to prevent emergencies from happening, but how can we prepare for and be aware of emergencies is very important. We need to have assumption that they will “happen” so that we can be prepared.

We hope that NSTC can be of some help in the offshore wind power projects that are underway all over Japan.

The TV footage can be viewed at URL as follows, until mid-April.

(Hiroko, Quality Management Section)




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