OPITO approved Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (BOSIET) was conducted from 24th July to 26th July.

Delegates from 7 different companies have joined OPITO approved BOSIET course from 24th to 26th July.

Training had been completed and we received delegates’ commnets as follows.

“I could spend productive days with comprehensive lectures and trainings.  The training site such as pool and facilities were very clean and fresh.  I would like to recall the experience here to prepare myself to respond an expecting emergency situation.”

Hope you won’t have any chance to practice the emergency response you have learned here, it is good idea to recall the experience to prepare for emergency.


“It was very valuable for me that I could take the training of international standard as well as the Japanese standard.  It would be beneficial for me at the time of crisis, as I have a lot of chance to be involved in aircraft and vessels overseas.  I enjoyed myself throughout the training, thank you very much!”

Our training is complied with OPITO standard, which is the leading international standard in the industry.  We are looking forward to seeing you when you will take FOET in 4 years!


“I could learn the international standard here in NSTC.  Seeing is one thing and doing is  another, it was difficult in practice.  The lecture was very productive.  I think this training is the one that the personnel should have experienced before joining the operation in Rigs, I would strongly encourage my colleague.”

It is good idea to experience to know the difficulty in reality.  If you know the difficulty, you’ll be able think how you can cope with it.  We’re looking forward to seeing your colleagues soon!



July 2013
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