Preparing for the New Fiscal Year

Hi! I’m Masa, working in the Training Section and the Quality Management Section.
We are currently working on the maintenance of various equipment and facilities at NSTC in preparation for the new fiscal year in order to provide safe training to all of you.

↓This is a scene from the annual maintenance of Free-fall Lifeboats.

Now, we’d like to introduce a questionnaire from those who have joined in the GWO-BST course. Some of you may not know what a questionnaire form looks like if you have never joined our training course before. The questionnaire format differs slightly depending on the training course, and this is the front page of the GWO-BST questionnaire form.

Which theme among the module was the most efficient?
・Manual Handling “Lifting heavy loads”
・Fire Awareness “How to use Fire Extinguishers”
・Working at Heights “How to use various tools”
・First Aid “Scenario Training”
・Sea Survival “How to use a liferaft and explain its contents”

Any theme you would like to cover during the module?
・Working at Heights “Introduction of actual cases that have happened in the past”
・First Aid “What to do if it takes more time, such as more than an hour, before a rescue team arrives”
・Sea Survival “Jump into water from TP”

Any suggestions to improve our training? If so, please describe which point to be improved.
・Manual Handling “It would have been better if we could have actually used heavier objects”
・Working at Heights “I wish I could have trained at a bit more higher height”
・Sea Survival “It would have been better if we could have experienced the transfer to the TP with the environment of reproducing the movement of waves”

Thank you very much for your valuable comments on each course and module. All of our staff members will read the questionnaire after the submission.
The topics that you would like to cover during the module will be considered by the instructors for the future training offerings.
GWO training is conducted in accordance with the GWO training standards, so we may not always be able to fulfill all of your requests, but we will continue to work daily on points that you would like to see improved.

We will continue to provide training that is safe and beneficial to everyone, and we look forward to seeing you again in the next fiscal year!

(Masa, Training Section/Quality Management Section)



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