A day in life at NSTC(Along with delegates feedback)

The cold days are still continuing, but how are you all doing? At NSTC, we do the same thing whether it’s a hot day or a cold day. Today, we conducted firefighting training as we showering ourselves with water from the nozzle. Although a fireman jacket and pants is waterproof, when training with a hose, when you are in a position to hold the nozzle, water will come in through your sleeves when you raise the nozzle. By the way, all students are required to experience all positions including a nozzle man

The photo (below) is a scene of fire prevention and firefighting during the STCW basic safety training.  It was nice sunny day, and the water spray created a beautiful rainbow. It would be great if every day was like this…

Below is one of the comments we received from our training participant. .

「This training included things that were trained in drills and things that can be learned from textbooks, but all of this was able to be learned with the quality needed in the event of an accident, and it will also be useful for the education of other crew members. I learned a lot from the explanation of the basis for each action.」 

We are very glad to hear that you had a meaningful time at NSTC. Some practical training is not possible to conduct on boad, such as firefighting tusing actual fire, sea survival in a pool,  and also lectures by our qualified instructor. We look forward to seeing you again in the refresher course. Stay safe!

(And Quality Management Section : Matsumuro)






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