OPITO approved Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (BOSIET) from 24th to 26th June.

We have been blessed with wonderful weather here in Tobata Kitakyushu while we have been hearing all the news about extreme weather such as hails , heavy rain that flooded street in Tokyo. Opito approved 3day BOSIET training course, started on June 24,   was held. 14 delegates from 9 companies participated in this training course. Delegates of different age, gender and position gathered here for the training which provided good place for them to exchange their information.


Wed like to show you a scene from the sea survival training this time.

If you drifted away in a life jacket, you must let the rescuers know where you were. There are things you can do to be found by them from sky such as a helicopter.  Drifters gathered to make a circle, becoming a larger target for the help from sky.

Drifters gathered to make a circle


Then, get better attention by adding some dynamic movement like spreading out to make a larger circle then back to smaller circle, kicking to create splash when forming a larger circle is also effective.

Getting attention by making a large circle and kicking water surface.



Wed like to introduce some of many comments from delegates.


“I was nervous and scared prior to this training, but I have a sense of security now, thanks to this training. Thank you for teaching me thoroughly.”

From NSTC:  We are glad to hear that the training gave you a sense of security, however please remember taking the training does not fully secure you.  If you ever encounter real emergency situation, you must stay calm, and act accordingly as you trained here. We are looking forward see you in 4yrs for the updating course. Thank you so much for taking our training course.


“ I was able to train intensively with a sense of tension, as I was told to imagine real situation. However practical training, which I had been worried, was performed safe and sound, thanks to thorough explanation and appropriate advice.  Throughout this training I was impressed how skilled trainers were.”

 From NSTC: Instructors skillfully lead you to imagine real situation so that you can have realistic training. It was your imagination ability that let you have tense training. Please remember the tense feeling you had, and act calmly and accordingly at emergency situation. Thank you for taking our training course.









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