Requested training STCW course from June 19 to 25

STCW course was held at NSTC for 5 weekdays between June19th to 25th. The training went smooth in great teamwork due to the fact all delegates belong to same company this time.

In the elementary fast-aid training, we have realistic training such as scenario based drill where you assume that you are in a ship and all you can use is what’s around you, without specialized tools, to implement emergency procedure.

Teamwork is the key! Transfer the injured to a stretcher


We would like to introduce some of comments from our delegates.


“I think all the lectures and practical training went smooth with no wasted time.  I will take what I learned back to my workplace and use it to improve my work. Thank you for everything, I enjoyed these 5days.”

From NSTC: We try to deliver the training as efficiently as possible because there are so much to teach you in 5days. This time, the training went smooth, thanks to your teamwork. We believe you experienced a lot this past week. We hope it will help your work. Thank you for taking our training course.



 “I feel fortunate that I experienced the life boat which I may or may not experience in my life time otherwise. Spraying real fire extinguishers are also great experience since we only pretend spraying them during our usual fire drill.  ”

From NSTC:  Launching a free fall life boat is something you can only experience at a training facility like NSTC or in real life emergency situation encountered.  Spraying fire extinguisher and putting actual fire out is also something you cannot experience in usual fire drill where you only pretend. We hope you share your experience with others in your workplace. Thank you very much





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