OPITO approved Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (BOSIET) from 3rd to 5th June

The weather here is unstable getting warm and cool, back and forth.  Delegates from 6 different companies joined BOSIET training from 3rd to 5th June.  The training went very smoothly even though all of them were the first time taking BOSIET.

Getting used to the equipment, EBS



Watching their colleague’s practice



Let us introduce one of the comments from the delegates as follows.


“I was nervous as I was not good at swimming.  The biggest lesson learned from the training was that it was indeed important to respond appropriately and without panic, regardless of whether being swimmer or non-swimmer.  I wish I won’t face any situation that I utilize what I learned here, but the training was very fruitful.  Thank you very much.”

From NSTC:  We have many delegates who are non-swimmers.  What we should do when we escape is the same for both swimmers and non-swimmers.  I believe that if we can act calmly without panic, we’ll survive.  Thank you very much for joining us.



“Throughout the training, I learned that there were a lot of lesson that should be learned only by the experience.  Not only learning by the lectures, I could experience many feelings including the feeling of disoriented while HUET, through the practical training.   It was a great opportunity for me to recognize the importance of practical trainings.  Thank you very much!”

From NSTC:  The level of comprehension would be different between listen, watching and doing.  Delegates would listen to the lecture following by watching the demonstration, and then finally experience during the practical lesson.  In this way, understanding by brain will be developed into actual feeling.  Thank you very much for joining us.






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