ADC (Aircrew Ditching Course)/ADE (Air Ditching Course including EBS) has been held on Dec. 19

On Dec. 19th 2014 we have wrapped up our training schedule of the year with ADC/ADE.

Below zero temperature was recorded in Kyushu in early morning snowflake, rare for Kyushu, although it was a little warmer than it has been lately. However we spent hot hours during training from feverish enthusiasm of trainees.

Well, we have seen participants often write about safety in their comments. But wouldn’t you like to know what kind of safety management is practiced here?

We would like to introduce some of our staff positioning as a safety measure today. two_men_holding_hands

In this ADC/ADE course main instructor and sub instructor goes in helicopter simulator with trainees. And it means those instructors went in the helicopter simulator which capsized eighteen times to watch over trainees for safety and instruction this time.

Support staffs are consists of divers who control underwater safety, hoist operator who control simulator operation and deck assistant who control pool deck safety. Divers also have job to reset doors and windows back on the simulator quickly after trainees have escaped safely from it.

Support staffs are striving to make sure the training goes safely and smoothly.

Scene from the emergency breathing system training
Very serious look in trainees face while listening to instructor explaining.


Trainees can see what’s going on under the water on the monitor through underwater camera while waiting for their turn.


“I think that fatality rate has gone down if I ever encounter diching accident and that’s good thing. I am certain that training was beneficial although it is uncertain if I can stay calm and act accordingly like this time at actual emergency.”

At NSTC we would like you to take what you have learned back to your work place and incorporate it to existing safety measure. Thank you for training with us. (from NSTC)


“Safety management was absolutely sufficient however it is dangerous training if one thing goes wrong though. There are rescue teams out there that haven’t taken this training, and I would like to tell them it is a great training if I have a chance”

As we provide the training, we strive to keep our trainees safe. And we will continue to provide not only safe training but training so beneficial that trainee can feel “I’m so glad that I took this training” by the time training is completed. (from NSTC)


Year 2014 is almost over. This year, we had over 400 people who have taken various training courses at NSTC. Thank you so much.

We will continue striving to keep our safety management thorough and improving for our trainees in 2015

We kindly ask for your continued support for Nippon Survival Training Center in 2015.



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