OPITO approved BOSIET course has been held, Feb. 3rd ~ 5th.

Three days from Feb. 3rd to 5th, OPITO approved BOSIET has been held. Feb. 4th is the first day of spring in calendar cherry_blossom, and it is considered the coldest day of the year snowflake. All six participants from three companies completed the training although it hailed on us during lifeboat training at quay.


The photo below may not be well telling how cold it was, but if you look carefully, you can see some snow on the top of Mt. Sarakura. Yes, we have snow here in Kyushu!


Let us introduce EBS (Emergency Breathing System) training, one of the training items this time.


You can feel their enthusiasm through their back. Handling of EBS is explained repeatedly, in lecture room, in pool, in helicopter simulator because it is the equipment to keep you alive at emergency.


Let us introduce some of the comments from participants of the training.

“I have received meaningful lecture and practical session though out three days of training. Explanation by trainer was easy to understand and it was good atmosphere to ask questions.”

“Summarizing at end of lecture helped me review. Thanks to kind Instructors and receptionist, I had no worries during the training.”

As it mentioned in comments from participants, we manage safety thoroughly and also keep our training equipment clean at NSTC. Please remember what you learned in the training, and act accordingly if you ever encounter emergency. (from NSTC)



February 2015
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