STCW Course has been held, April 20 to April 24

It’s a pleasant season and fresh green is waving in the breeze.
16 delegates from two companies have joined the STCW basic training.

Spirited voices of the delegates echoed under the clear sky during these 5 days.laughing

STCW basic training is a training course for those who are going to play an active role as marine crew.

We cannot underestimate the training even it was named [basic training].

To complete a course, a certain learning outcomes similar to the veteran crew are required.


The instructors felt “we cannot lose to the youngster” toward young delegates and coached with enthusiasm leading themselves


This time, we would like to introduce the training of free-fall lifeboat, which is one of the lifeboat training for STCW training.


At the beginning, check how to seat/ hook release procedure/ recovery procedures with simulation device.


After safety check, followed by the authorization to launch, launching operation starts →Hook release!!!!

(Everyone’s tension reaches a peak in the lifeboat)



Since the free-fall lifeboat is stored on the angle, it is difficult even just sitting on the seat if you are not used to it.


Feeling the differences between davit lifeboat and free-fall lifeboat is also one of the features of this training.  Experiencing the differences develops your understanding further.


『Thanks to this training, we found what action to do in an emergency. When this kind of training will be conducted in the ship, I would like to act in a positive manner.』


Please always set a clear goal when you will participate drills so that you can act calmly in case of emergency. I am looking forward to seeing you coming NSTC to have information exchange after having hands-on experience in your career. (from NSTC)


NSTC staff wish you all, who are embarking for vast ocean into working society, thrive on what you gained during this training.


We are sure that you will be active crew when we see each other in the future.  Good luck!




Should I tell this or should I keep this as a secret…the veteran instructor was moved to tears when he passed certificate to the delegates having grown up in 5 days!joy



April 2015
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