STCW Basic Safety Training course has been held. Aug. 31 to Sep. 4

STCW basic training 5 day course has been held. During the 5day course, practical training for lifeboat and firefighting are held outside. It is getting somewhat cooler these days, however it still gets very hot being inside an enclosed lifeboat, or training with banker gear, a helmet, full face mask and an air tank. Especially, persevere

firefighting practical training takes all day and the most physically demanding training out of these 5 days.  However these delegates were young, enthusiastic and excellent overall.  They have completed all the training without any problem what so



A scene from lifeboat training

The delegates are boarding the free-fall lifeboat and getting ready to free-fall from 10m height.speedboat


A scene from search and rescue section of firefighting training

After buddy check each other for all the equipment, set the lung demand valve on the mask and ready to go into the cabin



Here is one of comments we received from delegates.

“It has been very easy to learn because the practical training followed after the lecture. In scenario training, at beginning I have had no idea what to do, however I have found the way as I discussed the matter with my teammate. It has motivated me to train regularly after my return on the ship.”

 At NSTC we strive to improve the way we provide training for efficiency, safety and practicality. Our scenario training is designed for delegates to make their own decision for their action and realize various things in the process, then discuss what would have
been appropriate action at the time in a review briefing at the end of each scenario, so delegates would be prepared to assess the situation quickly and take appropriate action at the real emergency encounter.  We hope that you train regularly after your return on the ship in order to prepare for accident and disaster although accident and disaster should never happen. Thank you very much for taking the training course here at NSTC. (from NSTC)blush




September 2015
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