SPC course has been held. Oct. 7 to 9

SPC 3-day course has been held at NSTC as a part of On Board Training Course for Fisheries Crewmen provided by OFCF (Overseas Fishery Cooperation Foundation of Japan). SPC course is offshore survival training special course designed to fit the needs of clients. Participants were eight enthusiastic young men from Micronesia.running

Key Japanese words used in emergency were employed during the training although overall training was provided in English because they would be on Japanese ships with mostly Japanese crew. After 3 days of training in first aid, sea survival, fire prevention and firefighting/self-rescue, they completed the course without any

Sea Survival Training

Towing a shipmate towards the life raftspeedboat


The training that assumed helicopter rescue using a survival slinghelicopter


“The training was a good experience and had a very good time taking the training course. The trainers were very nice.”

We are very happy to hear that you had a good experience in the training. We wish you well on your continuing training. Wishing you the best! (from NSTC)blush


“This course was excellent and helpful for me and my future. I hope this course could keep on going for others who haven’t take this course. Thanks to NSTC”

For the participants of the fisheries crewmen (on board) course next year, NSTC is considering an upgraded course. We are looking forward to seeing you complete the rest of the fisheries crewmen training course and become a successful fisheries crew.  Wishing you the best! (from NSTC)relaxed



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