BOSIET course has been held, October 27 – 29

Cold winter is approaching in this Kitakyushu.  Please take care of yourself not to catch a cold.ear_of_rice


I would like to introduce you the photos that has been not highlighted yet.  These are the scenes taken from the Lifeboat training during BOSIET.


Safety briefing of the facility after changing clothes.

We ensure that everyone understand the safety before we move into the practical training.



Explanation of the procedure of lifeboat launching in the simulation room.

 Precaution before boarding the lifeboat was taught.  There was a mock-up of lifeboat in the room and the delegates has achieved a sense of tension.



Inside the lifeboat.

Now we are ready to launch after fastening the seatbelt.

The seatbelt was the one he never seen before to have difficulty in fastening.sweat_drops

The importance of the seatbelt and some precautions were noted by the instructor and the delegates will safely experience the launching of the lifeboat.anchor


One of the comments from the delegates is as follows.


”Safety of the delegates were carefully considered during the training and I could work on the training at ease.  Throughout the training, I could understand the importance of the training.  I could practice the training which I have not experienced before.  The contents of the lecture were clear and easy to understand, the instructors were very friendly, warm atmosphere let us easy to ask questions.”


From NSTC:  Thank you very much for the lovely comments that encourages us.sparkles

The experience of feeling something familiar to extraordinary event will let you take quick action when you confront the accident.  If you understand what makes dangerous situation, you’ll be able to take preventive measure appropriately.

We pursue to deliver the training in safe environment.

Thank you very much for joining




October 2015
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