Lifeboat Operations Course (LBO) has been conducted, February 9 to 12

Lifeboat Operations Course (LBO) has been conducted, February 9 to 12

Lifeboat operations course is established in accordance with the Regulation for Lifeboat Man.  In the regulation, the task of lifeboat man are defined as follows;

Loading provisions, nautical and other equipment on lifeboats and lifeboat launching operation including guidance of muster and evacuation for sailors and passengers.

Supervising and assisting navigation of the lifeboats.

Operations of lifeline throwing appliances, life buoys and other lifesaving appliances

Maintenance and control of lifeboats and other lifesaving equipment (except for life jackets)


It was very impressive that 11 delegates from the same company had been developed through friendly competition.  Here are some scenes of the practical training.sparkles

Donning immersion suit has to be done promptly in two minutes!!sweat_drops


“The practical training for the liferaft on the fourth day of the course, I dithered over what to do.  I have learned that it is important to manage the situation changing momently in an appropriate manner.”


From NSTC: It is very difficult to react promptly and appropriately on a moment-to-moment basis.  Repetitive drills would be a key to respond the best reaction in spite of the difficult situation.  When they received the certificate, all of the delegates had in their mind that the lifeboat man have major responsibility when evacuate from the ship.  Please go back to your vessel and review what you should check, and we hope that you all will be able to guide your mates promptly and safely.blush





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