HUET + SPC (Special Course for Air Crew) has been held, February 15 to 16

It had been warm as early summer last weekend, but the temperature has been fallen down this week and it was snowing on the day of the training.

In spite of the intense cold, an air of excitement during NSTC’s training was super-hot!fire


Two day training consists of training as passengers on the first day and training as air crew (pilot) on the second day.helicopter


The aim of the training is to boost the safety awareness through the experience of both passengers and crew (pilots).


On the second day, unlike the first day, the delegates need to think by themselves and communicate within delegates in order act adequately as a crew to save passengers and other’s life.  The delegates have to take many actions, such as communication externally, reactions in the cockpit, in-flight announcement, guiding passengers, evacuation on surface of the water or from the water, reaction after the evacuation, etc.swimmer


Evacuation while guiding the passenger


Underwater egress from cockpit


It was impressive that each of the delegates was very enthusiastic and earnest despite countless actions and reactions they had to take.


There are so many things that we learn through the delegates’ comments, action and passion while we are called as “instructor”.  We are always developing and improving our training to enlighten the safety to all the delegates from those comments.relaxed


We are looking forward to your harsh but loving feedback when you visit our center.

I would appreciate if you can mix some friendly feedback with the harsh ones!laughing




February 2016
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