Week 3 of April, FOET Course (April 11) and STCW Course (April 11 – 15)

There was a big earthquake in our neighbor, Kumamoto prefecture in last weekend.  We feel very sorry and get extremely worried about the damage especially when we view the images of disaster where we have been. Please let me express our sincere and best wishes for the early restoration in the suffered area.


There have been OPITO approved FOET course and STCW course during the week 3 of April.  Both training have begun under very pleasant weather, all the delegates enjoyed the training. sunny


Let me introduce some of the comments from our delegates.


FOET course

“The lecture was very high in quality comparing to the other center I had been 4 and 8 years ago.  I could learn new information and gain new knowledge.  Thanks for the trainer’s thorough care, it was very solicitous.”


We are very happy to hear that you could gain new learning through this refresher course.blush



STCW course

“I had already had some knowledge about the training thorough the practice in school, but this training enriched my knowledge into pragmatic skills.  Trainers always provided care for our physical condition even in the lecture, we were very happy about that.”

“The trainer’s explanation was very clear to understand and was very applicable to practice as well as to the basics.  I could complete the training in very secured environment as the trainers put priority on the safety aspects. Thank you very much.”


The delegate could ensure the knowledge and memory through the training experience.  We pursue the safe training, so this comment made me very happy.  Thank you very much for lovely comment!smile



The weather condition in Kitakyushu getting warmer and warmer, maximum temperature measure over 20degree.  Now we do not feel chilly when get into the water, but the season when we feel very happy during the pool practice is almost here. swimmer
It’s going to be the best season for the pool training soon!!



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