2nd week of May  FOET(5/10)BOS(5/11~)

After our GW holiday, 2nd week of May, every staff member was full of energy and more enthusiastic than usual. No holiday BLUR and free from Spring Fever;

NSTC is full power!


Both scheduled trainings are almost full, the week is full of energy.muscle

There are enough professional delegates so that other delegates don’t seem to worried on the first day. It was said that there was a lot of help from the other enjoyable persons which helped to finish the training successfully.sparkles


This is the coment


I was uneasy about FOET due to not being able to swim. It has been a long time since I last touched water and I was not able to follow the flow of the lecture at first, but it could remember when needing to respond. It was good to be able to finish training safely. I would like to thank for instruction and the staff very much. (FOET delegate)


This training was very fun. In addition, I will do my best come up four years when I attend the FOET course.


The lecture explanation and the explanation during the practical session made it proper and plainly described.
In addition, thank you very much to each lecturer and staff. (BOS delegate)


The trainers were sometimes humourous and I was able to attend a happy / pleasant lecture. Thank you. (BOS delegate)



The warm words of all of you encourage us very much. Likewise, thank you.laughing


It became hot, and T-shirts are now in season for outstanding performance. Thank you for your purchases and support.

The staffs are modeling our original T-Shirts!

There is a lifeboat, a life raft, and the helicopter design as well.

When you come, you too can pick up a souvenir of your attendance.laughing





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