OPITO Approved BOSIET, FOET and HUET course have been held. May 31 to June 3.

The weather getting hot and hot day by day with the arrival of June. There have been BOSIET course from May 31 to June 2, HUET course on June 1 and FOET course on June 3 here in NSTC.
The delegates made every effort to acquire the competence with their earnest eyes. The photo below is one of the scenes of their earnest

As the weather heating up, donning fireman’s outfit and helmet, there were delegates wearing orange fireman’s outfit challenging firefighting training with full of passion more hot than the fire.  The training staff  (wearing yellow fireman’s outfit) confronted against delegates’ hot passion.

As it will be summer time, it goes without saying that we will prepare for the heatstroke, but moreover, we would like to respond with a lots of “passion” to delegates “passion” so that we won’t suffer heatstroke because of hot passion of the

Here are some comments from the delegates.

Delegate of HUET course on June 1

 “The quality of training overall was superb and I could promise a certain effect of the training.  The videocamera footage of insde of the training simulator were very useful image for us to understand when we were watching the ditching training on the pool deck.”


Delegate of BOSIET course from May 31 to June 2

“Very practical training and the explanations were very clear to understand.  I would like to be calm when any emergency happens.”

Delegate of FOET course on June 3

 “The training was one day course, so I was anxious as I had heard that the training would be heavy.  But in fact, it was not that much heavy schedule.  I could recall my old memory of the original training many years ago.  Thank you very much.”


Thank you very much for many viriety of comments.sparkles

We all staff would like to do our best to keep improving our quality of training. (From NSTC)relaxed



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