BOSIET course has been held, June 12 – 14

Although Kitakyushu had entered the rainy season, training this time was under wonderful weather except for the last day. The last day was raining, but the delegates were so energetic and enjoying the training very much.sunny

We conduct “firefighting training” and “smoke escape trainingin Wakamatsu training site, where a bit away from other facilities. Please let me introduce some of the photos during the training


Initial firefighting using fire extinguishers
Because of the dry powder spray, it was difficult to see the fire.  We can review each of the characteristics of the extinguishers thorough the real experience.


Confirming the door while escaping from the dark.
Experiencing the escape in the limited visibility and completely blind situation.


Starting the group escape from blind situation
Experiencing the group escape in completely blind situation.

As you noticed in those photos, delegates build knowledge in the lecture and learn and review by experiencing during the practical training.

Preventive measure”, it is priority to think about prevent any risk and hazard.  But once something happens, we should react to the situation.  It is very important to “know” how to react, but “experience” give you a significant advantage.  I hope you would be able to apply what you learned here in your real


Here are some of the comments from the delegates.

“The training was very meaningful for me as I could understand the importance of the training for our safety.”


“I learned a lot through the experience that I would not be able to experience in my usual life.  I hope I won’t encounter a chance to utilize this experience, though.”


 Thank you very much for recognizing and understanding the importance of the reaffirmation of the knowledge and experience.  We ourselves put forth and effort to broaden our knowledge, experience and professionalism.  Thank you very much for joining the training.  We are looking forward to seeing many delegates soon.blush



June 2016
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