Aircrew Ditching Course has been held, June 21

Right in the middle of the rainy season here in Kitakyushu, a damp climate was blown away by vitality of the training in NSTC.  We were so surprised that the disaster warning was issued on our cell phone because of the long rain.umbrella

During this rainy season, however, there have been Helicopter Aircrew Ditching Course (ADC) on June 21 and Life Boat Operations course from June 21 to 24 held in NSTC.helicopter


I would like to highlight the ADC course to share the training contents.


This training has strong image of “egressing from the underwater capsized helicopter”, but in fact, the key are the training menus of “egressing from the water landing helicopter”.  Main activities are not underwater but water surface, therefore, it is important to have smooth communication and teamwork among the team.key

We had time to review what was good and wat could be improved after the training menu of communication and teamwork among the flow of the training.


The outcomes from the review would be taken back to their own organization as a feedback.

There were a lots of comments and feedback during the training this week.


Here is one of the comments from the delegates.

“I was a bit nervous before the training as I am not good at swimming.  The training was very comprehensive and I would like to feedback what I learned after I go back to my team.  The training was not only being taught but also thought-provoking that I needed to think and act by myself, therefore it was very rich in content.  The practical training was safely managed and I could safely complete the training.  I would appreciate if I could have much more practical experience during the training, but it was worth that I could be prepared for the emergency situation.”  

From NSTC:  ADC provides motivation for reviewing the teamwork and the reality of your original team.  It is not the training that the delegates just act and follow the instructor’s order, but the training that the delegates think by himself and act with his teammate by communicating each other.  We would like to keep approaching to quality improvement so that we’ll be able to offer further service to you.  blush




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