Behind the scene: Hoist Operator and HUET Divers

Kyushu is now right in the middle of the rainy season, and NSTC has conducted BOSIET course from June 28 to 30 and FOET course on July 1 in the pouring rain umbrella.  The weather has constantly changed from muggy to chilly as we had to look after our health condition carefully disappointed_relieved.  The training has been conducted outdoors and inside the pool under unfamiliar environment with unusual experience, but NSTC staff always do their best to support the delegates completing the training.

This time, I would like to spotlight two of the supporting staff, Hoist Operator and HUET Divers, who are supporting HUET training common for both BOSIET and FOET.

Hoist Operator operates the hoist of METS (Helicopter Simulator helicopter) during HUET, and they delicately maneuver the simulator exactly along the if-case instructor imagines.  The Operator is mastermind behind who can stage the training by the remote control on instructor’s direction.

Another important player are HUET Divers.  They are essential for HUET and supervise to keep an eye out for the safety of the delegates.

There are two instructors inside the simulator and two HUET Divers outside the simulator to follow the delegates’ actions, so you can feel secured to join the HUET.

Comments written by the BOSIET delegates

“I have gained the understanding that the survival rate in emergency situation is depend on whether one had taken BOSIET or not”

Comments written by the FOET delegates

“It was fruitful that I could learn not only the Sea Survival but also some clue for offshore and shipboard safety management. I would like to output what I have learned here for my work environment. It is important to have shared awareness under the emergency case.”

We try our best to create comfortable and training friendly environment as the training experience itself is unusual activity.

The rainy season continues a bit more. We hear about the information about a record-breaking deluge in a short period very often these days. I hope none of the disaster alert would sound around your neighbors.



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