STCW course has been held, July 4 – 8

Getting hotter day by day sunny, but I hope you are all well.
The season that continues to exceed the 30 degree every day is almost here.astonished
The season like this the best season for “Sea Survival Training”.The training inside the pool is very comfortable, not too cold and not too hot, it’s perfect time for the training.swimmer

Here are the photos from the Sea Survival Training.(The photo is a scene where righting the liferaft when the liferaft deployed up-side-down.)
*Liferaft is one of the survival craft on board when the passengers need to abandon the ship. When we deploy the liferaft to be inflated, there are possibilities that the raft may deployed up-side-down. It’s why we need to gain competence to right the raft.

Demonstration by staff

Righting successfully done! Is the staff all right under the raft?

There he is! The delegates welcome him with applause.clap

If you want to join the training like the photos, it’s the best season for it. We are looking forward to seeing you in our training!

Delegate’s comment for STCW

“Knowing is one thing, practicing another. I learned it throughout the lecture and the practical training. I could experience a lots of practice that is out-of-ordinary, such as righting liferaft, launching freefall lifeboat, firefighting, etc. I am sure that the experience will develop my future. The training environment was safe and comfortable, as the staff thoroughly cared safety for the delegates. Thank you very much.”

Thank you very much for the lovely compliments.
We will keep trying our best for satisfaction of the delegates. Thank you very much for joining the training. (From NSTC)



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