Original T-shirts sure look good on delegates!

Many people in Japan enjoy summer vacation around second week of August.今There have been established new national holiday, Mountain Day, on 11th of August crossed_flags . It is a day to give thanks to mountains and its benefits, as well as to enjoy and get familiar with mountains. mount_fuji 

It was a national holiday, however, NSTC held GWO Basic Safety Training Course on the day.

From 9th to 12th August, NSTC delivered First Aid module and Working at Height module of GWO Basic Safety Training. We had very fine weather during the training sunny . It’s not to say that delegates might want to have extra clothes because of this hot and humid weather disappointed_relieved , but some of the delegates purchased NSTC’s original T-shirts during the training. That’s not all! We were delighted that they wore the T-shirts on the training day!! tshirt

It’s been pretty common that delegates purchase T-shirts as a souvenir for himself or friends and family on the last day of the training gift .It was first time we experience that the delegates actually wore the T-shirts to the training and the fact made us so excited laughing

Very stylish and looks great!

Having buckled themselves as wearing the T-shirts which are NSTC staff’s favorite, they completed the training without any incident despite the scorching hot days.

There are three patterns for the T-shirts; helicopter, liferaft and lifeboat.

We would be very happy if you purchase those T-shirts as a souvenir when you join the training in NSTC. Of course, we would be more and more happy if you can wear it on the training day blush



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