Fireworks right in front of NSTC

Kukinoumi Fireworks Festival fireworks has been held on a tropical night on July 30 disappointed_relieved.

The festival has been held since 1986 with the hope of local revitalization and port development, we have just commemorated 31st festival tada  this year.

300 thousands of the spectator gather every year as one of the best fireworks festival in Kitakyushu fireworks.


The fireworks site is just right in front of NSTC!


There were variety of fireworks sparkled, more than 4,000 fireworks burst across the sky sparkles.

We could enjoy the beautiful fireworks in perfect position, so I would like to introduce you some of them.


◎Bottle rocket fireworks boom from middle of the bay◎

Large fireworks were worth watching. thumbsup

Some of the fireworks were butterfly shaped or shaped in heart heart and star star , some of them were candy-colored and the spectator let out a big cheer.


◎Musical fireworks◎

Smaller fireworks sparkle consistently in accordance with the music played musical_note.


◎Niagara fall fireworks from Wakato-big-bridge◎

Wakato-big-bridge bridge_at_night  connects Tobata-ku where NSTC located and Wakamatsu-ku where NSTC Firefighting facility located. This Niagara Fireworks is very popular and 260 meter fall of fireworks was just amazing view!



One after another fireworks expanded continuously and we can only describe this as gorgeous at best. I wish I could tell you this gorgeous sound to you. sweat

We will still have a long spell of hot weather, let’s survive by enjoying seasonal traditions such as summer festival shaved_ice, fireworks fireworks, sea bathing swimmer, etc.



August 2016
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