Special Course for fish farmers has been held, September 21 – 23

The following day of typhoon No. 16cyclone passing through Kyushu, Diving Techniques Training for fish farmers has been held here at NSTC in Kitakyushu fish.

10 professional divers from 3 different company called together at NSTC.

Starting from the lecture needed to be understood for the diving operation, such as Submarine Medicine, Decompression Procedure, Regulation, etc., they moved on to the practical training where to master from basic diving techniques through the techniques responding various troubles.

I would like to introduce you some scenes from the training.


↑Delegates experienced pressurized environment using the recompression chamber on the first day of the training.
The photo on the right shows foggy room as the air cooled by depressurizing.
When applying pressure, the room air would be heated and the room temperature would be raised.

↑When applying the pressure, the material inside the room would be pressurized, and you would see the tennis ball being tended tennis . There are many fun phenomenon happen under the high pressure environment because the air density increased, you would find it heavy when you use paper fan and you would also find your voice funny high-pitched voice. Our voice became very funny just like Donald Duck!! laughing

↑When the training has reached final phase, the challenge level of the practical increased from the first step when they had started from the snorkeling, they now had to react to the situation when they were entangled in the net while blind. As they had been got used to the fishing equipment, they were all calm and reacted well to the situation.


During the training, not only the lectures and practicals but also the discussion session to discuss about the problems and improvements among fish farm industry. Many opinion and cases have been exchanged each other to enable them having chances to information gathering and intercommunication.

The training was only three days, NSTC as training provider would also learned a lot from the professional divers in fish farm industry.

I also thank to those dedicated divers delivering us delicious fishes to our dining tables.



September 2016
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