OPITO approved courses (Sep. 13th to 15th BOSIET course & Sep. 16th FOET course) have been held

It’ is already September and is much cooler lately. maple_leaf
You can feel fall is here. In such environment, Sep. 13th ~15th BOSIET three day course and Sep 16th FOET one day course have been held. helicopter
As you find in our training schedule, often more than one training course delivered in same week but our trainings are provided with no compromise on safety due to our well-arranged schedule.

Here are some scenes from this week.

HUET : Helicopter Underwater Escape Traininghelicopter

The capsized helicopter simulator

The capsized helicopter simulator: Underwater sight

Let us introduce one of comments from FOET trainees

“I have now deeper understanding after listening explanation in Japanese. I was able to carry on training without any worry, thanks to careful watch by instructor for safety.”

Off many training centers around the world, here NSTC is the only center to provide this training in Japanese. Although this course can also be provided in English, it is best taken in Japanese to understand fully considering safety if you are not proficient in English. (from NSTC)

BOSIET had maximum capacity number for this course of 16 participants and FOET also had close to maximum capacity. They have gathered here from various companies and all have completed the course without problem. They also seemed to get to know each other well while they spent some time together.laughing
We are looking forward to seeing you again in four years when you come back for FOET to renew your certification.blush



September 2016
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