DTTMP and ADC courses have been held, October 24 – 28

In the week 24th to 28th of October our activity was dedicated to people working in sea and in the sky, or on other words, we held some special training for special people. The DTTMP (Diving Techniques Training – Marine Practical) was held for the first time in NSTC for 5days from 24th. The course is designed for those who have completed Diving Techniques Training (pool). Not only the commercial divers but also firefighting and police rescue divers participates in order to develop further diving skills in a realistic marine environment. ocean The accent was put on navigation, search and recovery techniques.

In the morning of the first day all the procedures where learned in the safe conditions offered by the pool.

In the afternoon of the first day, the dives were ready for the real marine environment.

The diving perimeter was delimited with buoys. On background is marine research vessel “Concept”.

After a surface swim as warming-up the underwater training has started.

Did we mentioned it was a real marine environment? Sometimes, the working place of a diver can look like this.

But even in low visibility a diver can be rewarded by the beauty of the sea.
In the image is a huge sea anemone.

On Friday, we commuted our attention to the people working on the sky, because they need water skills too. Aircrew Ditching Course (ADC) was a simulation of various helicopter ditching scenarios designed for the aircrew. helicopter

We started with a surface evacuation followed by deploying an aviation raft

And we ended with the underwater evacuation of a helicopter in many particular ways.

The training was so fruitful that the delegates satisfied the contents they have learned. smile  One of the comments of the delegates of ADC wrote:

“We had enough practical training time. I surely felt that the training must be repeated regularly. I would like to apply what I have learned here to my actual machine and to image what kind of reaction I should take in real environment.”

As the delegate noticed, the training would be more effective if applied to their real work situation. We wish all of the delegates brought something back to their work place.
Thank you very much for joining our training!



October 2016
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