DBMT/GWOBSTR/ADC Course have been held, December 5 to 9

Time went by with a lighting speed, this year is almost over,date with a feeling of hectic getting ready the New Year Card to post and debating whether I should buy year-end-lottery.sweat_smile

This week, we have conducted DBMT (Diving Business Management Training). It is a training for those supervise as a manager of the site of diving operation. The aim of the course is to gain the basic knowledge about diving and management of the diving operation.


Scenes from Surface Supplied Diving training. Concentration and physical strength needed as well as a kind of tense feeling.

We also had GWO BSTR (Refresher course for GWO Basic Safety training) and ADC (Aircrew Ditching Course) as well as DBMT, so it has been very bustling by variety of delegates from many

Scenes GWOBSTR. Although it’s cold wintertime, it was nice clear weather that was perfect for the training.

Aircrew Ditching Course, a scene of evacuation to the liferaft.

I would like to introduce you one of the comments by delegates.(Delegate joined DBMT)

“The reception in the morning was so good that I could start the training in a good mood. I had not had diving experience, but I am sure that I would be able to apply and make great use of what I have learned here, especially on Diving Disorder and Points of note for Diving Operation. It was great training, and thank you very much.”

Thank you very much for the comment. We all wish you the best of success and safety.
All the delegates completed the training and head to home with accomplished smiling face. Thank you very much for joining training at NSTC.



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