Hello, Hiroko from Quality Management Section is writing the article this week.

It have been passed three month since I moved the office from Kitakyushu to Tokyo.          Here in Tokyo area, there are many kinds of events going on.  For example, there is the special exhibition “Disaster and Rescue ~from religion to SOS~” at Yokohama Port Museum, “Japan International Boat Show2017” at Pacifico Yokohama.  “World Smart Energy Week 2017” at Tokyo Big Sight, where 9 Exhibitions including “PV System EXPO”, “Int’l Smart Grid EXPO”, and “5th WIND EXPO2017”.  Gathering of information through such exhibitions is one of our job as NSTC

I visited Wind EXPO as I’ve been participating since 2014.  There were 1570 companies exhibiting from 31 countries all over the world, expected more than 70thousand people’s visit.  The event consists of not only the exhibition but also many kinds of seminars and lectures on the leading edge of this industry.

Information gathering is important, but we had another very important objective this time.  A friend company, Tokusyu Kousyo Gijutsu.Inc, cooperating among the leading Wind Power organization “Japan Wind Power Association” with us, gave a lecture regarding the Operation and Maintenance for Offshore Wind Farm. In his lecture, NSTC’s GWO Basic Safety Training was covered as a topic for the training for maintenance workers.sparkles


Handouts also tells about some key points of our training

I was so glad that their lecture covered our training in spite of the limited time for the lecture, and I’d like to show my special gratitude toward them.

The trainings that NSTC offer are not the product that everybody buy because of the sales promotion nor just because being famous.  It is a training that people may join when they think that it’s worth to take for the sake of safety and their life.  Therefore, the opportunity to output why this kind of training important, what is the outcome, where the training can be taken is very precious.  I would like to value the opportunity like this so that I can tell the importance of the safety and the training.relaxed

I wish there would be “TRAINING CENTER WEEK” like this time, “Smart Energy WEEK” so that many training organizations that have same kinds of principles exhibit, exchange, and share their thought.  If the dream comes true, please visit our exhibit booth!!sparkles

(written by Hiroko, Quality Management Section)



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