Link the world, “EARTH HOUR 2017”

Hello, it’s Hiroko in Quality Management Section.
The mother company of NSTC (Nissui Marine Kogyo, Co. Ltd.)is NISSUI, a leading fishery company in Japan and a member of WWF Japan (World Wide Fund for Nature Japan)to support aquatic resources.

The WWF hosted the event“Earth Hour 2017”, a switching off the light for an hour on Saturday night on 25th March, last week.bulb

The supporters would switch the light off when their country (area) clock stroke 20:30, the relay would be continue sequentially from country by the dateline and to all over the world. We would have a chance to share and think about the global environment and nature during the time.

The event was on Saturday night, that is difficult to participate as whole company because most of the office is non-working day. Some of the office working on Saturday night participated, but staff personally could participate the event at their homes as the event had been circulated by e-mail to all employee including the staff in group
As a member of “Quality Management Section”, I thought it was a great chance for me to participate and think about the environment, I switched the light off in my home from 20:30 to 21:30 on March 25, during supper time.


Just before switching off              After switched off

The night without electric light and with only candle light reminded me the rolling blackouts after the Great East Japan Earthquake 6 years ago. I did really feel the appreciation of lights and value of electricity after the disaster. This event reminded me the awareness of conservation of electricity. sweat (Please see the report of earth hour on official web-site)

There will be Earth Hour 2018 in a year, so why don’t you participate for the next chance? It is very romantic with the candle lights, and very devotional time to be shared with people all over the world.blush

(Written by Hiroko, Quality Management Section)




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