Rainy, rainy, rainy

We have had blessed rain these days in Kitakyushu. Weather forecast on TV programme has been overwhelmed with “rain” symbol.umbrella

As you see, heavy gray cloud invading the It is not good if we do not have blessed rain, but I personally love clear weather.
The weather is depressing, however, the delegates were very energetic joining the training. Here is a scene from a training of Helicopter Underwater Egress Training.

Underwater escape training simulator mocking helicopter is now ditching.helicopter


After ditching into the water, delegates escape from the simulator capsized upside down. The training in the pool is no concern of depressing rainy weather, as it’s already inside water and soaking wet. I bet this training is suitable for this rainy season!

In spite of the suitable weather for the training in pool, I personally does not like depressing rainy season. In spite of the cloudy sky, delegates were highly motivated and actively participated in the training. They charged my motivation and my “motivation gauge” are now 200%!!laughing

Here is one of the comments written by delegates.


“The training was very useful as I could learn the reaction for emergencies throughout the training. It raised my safety awareness a lot, and I’d like to be aware of the risk and measurement for hazard even during my daily life.”

Thank you very much for your comment. We are very happy to hear that the training raised your safety awareness. It’s my sincere wish that nobody would confront emergency situation. Safety firstsmile

(Takashi, Training Operations Section)




June 2017
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