10 Students joined HUET at NSTC


June 17 was “Marine Day” in Japan, a national holiday started in 1996.  There has been many fun events related to “marine”, “sea” and “ocean” on that day, I guess some of you also enjoyed swimming, sailing or sailing at sea.  Among many official events, NSTC also played a part in promoting offshore development by offering training to the college students.ocean

 The Ocean Innovation Consortium of Nippon Foundation have organized many programs since its foundation to support fostering young engineering professionals interested in marine development and have offered educational programs combined lectures, touring and experiencing.  This year, the consortium organized the seminar program focusing the basic knowledge of particular safety issue in Marine Resources Development are and safety training for offshore oil & gas industry (OPITO’s HUET: Helicopter Underwater Egress Training) that is necessary for those who transfer to oil rig via helicopter.  There were also touring the offshore Wind Turbine in order to understand the offshore wind industry during this three day program.helicopter

he first two days consists of NSTC’s HUETcourse and lecture on floating offshore wind turbine by professor of Kyushu University.  Then, they experienced fishery operation following by visiting offshore wind turbine and information exchange session.  10 students from different universities across Japan learned not only the knowledge and information including practical experience but also awareness through fresh perspectives and new research agenda for their study.


Marine development including offshore wind industry is a study area that has great potential to develop much further in the future.  It is important to enhance the flexible idea and energy by young engineers as well as the knowledge and experience by experienced veteran.  In order to foster excellent human resources, we need to have many youngsters get interested in this study area.bulb

We are very happy to be able to help one of the great project for the industry.  We, NSTC staff, also receive energy form the students’ sparkling eyes flying high in the future.  We are looking forward to seeing the students in somewhere else in the marine industry near in the future. blush

(Hiroko, Quality Management Section)




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