the arrival of the December in no time\(◎o◎)/

There is one and a half months left in

It has become cold quite quickly and finally looks to be winter.
From next week it appears that it will become even colder.snowflake

Is it not about time when Halloween ends, the special event sales of the department store begin, and night illuminations begin to completely color the town in a Christmas glow ☆ christmas_tree

What kind of year will it be this coming year?

By the way, speaking of the events of the company in December? ? ?
YES! !! It is the year-end party.beers

It is about time to make reservations, and a venue has been decided.
At NSTC, our year-end party, fully mobilized, and including our Tokyo staff is ready to go.

Our party will be a trip of 2 days and 1 night this year(^^)handbag
I was appointed as the secretary of the first memorable NSTC trip and serve an important role this year.

A questionnaire was sent to the staff, selection of place, budget definition, a decision reached, assigning of rooms, field inspection confirmation, and the price negotiations with the PIC now complete.

I am enthusiastic for the coming day, while imagining our staff spending free time and happily partying while I spend time in the memory.triumph

Finally, soaking in a hot spring, drop the stresses of one year, physical dirt, and wanting to have all the unpleasant things seep into the hot water and to leave refreshed by it.hotsprings

I look forward to what kind of trip it is gone

All of you please have a pleasant time at your year-end parties.

(Emi, Administrative Section)



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