Autumn is the best season for reading, appetite and training!

Hi, it’s Hiroko of Quality Management Section, working and residing at Tokyo office.
While I was traveling to the headquarter of our company in Kitakyushu, luckily I could join the Cleanup Activity and Fire Drill. Actually, Tokyo office also planning to have Cleanup Activity and earthquake evacuation drill. My family and friends also told me that they had drills and emergency summons. It is said that “autumn is the best season for reading (thanks to its comfortable weather) and for appetite (as we have a lot of seasonal delicious food in autumn). I realized that it is also the season for emergency training and disaster prevention.fallen_leaf

In the morning before starting to rain, all personnel of Nissui Marine Kogyo including NSTC staff gathered up the mess and pulled up the weeds around the neighbors and areas where the company’s located in order to contribute to the environment beautification.

There were many waste including cigarette butts, tin cans, food packages. We were very intense and focused gathering waste.angry

In the afternoon, we also had a fire drill under the scenario that the fire occurred and need to have initial firefighting and evacuation from the
Because of the rainy weather, we mustered to the storehouse where covered. After the evacuation drill, there were firefighting training session and AED training session by NSTC, that is now have been the annual event for this season.

After brief explanation and good examples demonstrated by NSTC staff, some of the volunteers practiced the usage of fire extinguisher and AED including how to do CPR.
It is very important to repeat the training annually or more often in order to maintain the skills.

Please check the location of AED in your company (if not possessing AED, then the nearest AED station around your company) and simulate and confirm your evacuation rout.
Natural disaster cannot be prevented by effort, but if by any chance encounter the emergency, it is important to be ready yourself to survive.
Forewarned is forearmed.

(Hiroko, Quality Management Section)



November 2017
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