Many thanks for our clients

Just a few days to go before starting a new year. date

What has been a popular topic in Kitakyushu in the end of this year is “Space World”. stars
For those who was born and brought up in Fukuoka prefecture, Space World has been “very special exciting place”. smiley
The grand opening of the amusement park was when I was little kid. Kindergarten’s excursion, parents took me to celebrate my success in exam, visited with my best friends…there are a lots of memories here in Space World.
When I started working for NSTC, that is neighbor of the Space World, I though it easy to visit and enjoy, but actually have not enough chance to visit, and finally heard about the news that the Space World is shutting down in the end of this year. We went to enjoy the Space world for the last chance on the day when NSTC had the year-end party. car

I enjoyed a thrill ride for the first time in 15 years. roller_coaster
We took on ride with Venus GP. After the ride, what I felt was “NSTC’s Freefall Lifeboat was more safe and feel much more secured.”

Symbolic space shuttle and Venus GP

It was great pleasure for us to be able to deliver NSTC’s training to so many delegates. We had many delegates returned to NSTC for training for refresher training and their “I came back here again!” made us very happy and warm hearted.
All of NSTC staff will push forward with eagerness and momentum seemingly opening new windows to space. smile

Thank you very much for your help in the past year. 
Hope you have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year.

With special thanks and appreciation,

Ayaka, Training Support Section




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