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Cold spell are here in Kitakyushu, is anyone suffer from a cold?mask
NSTC had a variety of training, such as STCW Refresher training, BOSIET course and FOET course despite the freezing cold days.
I would like to highlight and introduce you a secret contributors that are essential for our training and support us for some of our trainings. Here they are!
They, three siblings, are always stand-by at lecture room D in our training center., waiting to be called for their next show playing a role as casualty for the transport exercise.

Their task is to throw themselves into a role as casualty. They are worldwide level actors when they act as the casualty who cannot move at all. When they are acting the role, they would never change their expression in any situation, even though their joints been twisted.expressionless
They are very shy and not talkative. Usually, posting their pictures on website cannot be acceptable for them, but just for once, they agreed to take photos with posing for

Bro in middle is so shy that cannot face to camera

I wondered how they spent their free time, when they do not have training. I asked question and received the answer as follows;

“Although we do not have many lines, each exercise is physically tough, so I always rest and ready for the next training when I do not have training, like this photo…”

Renewing ourselves in body and spirit!! We’re ready for anytime, any training!

If you are visiting NSTC, please come and see the siblings. May be they cannot reply, as they are very very shy!!

(Takashi, Training and Operations Section)



February 2018
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